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Born Again Strad? Scientist Finds Fungi to Improve Tonal Quality in Wood

Professor Francis Schwarze at Empa

E&T Magazine article on biotech violins

It appears as though there’s a new Antonio Stradivari in today’s modern day of instrument making. However, this new mastermind isn’t any ol’ professional instrument maker, but rather a scientist who has discovered a way of improving the tonal quality of wood.

Spruce fir is the most frequently used wood for the manufacturing of violins and pianos today,
and recently scientists have found a new interest in its resonance. An article by the Engineering and Technology Magazine, discusses a new mastermind who might be able to make it possible for the everyday musician to experience a Stradivarius in a new way. This person is Professor Francis Schwarze at Empa, the Swiss Federal laboratory for materials testing and research.

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